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智力遊戲:智力 心心拼/IQ Love

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

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  • Description 內容

     動動腦筋,用彩色寶石砌出七彩的心心!
     按挑戰上的指示將寶石拼圖擺放在遊戲板上。
     將其餘的寶石拼圖擺放在遊戲板上砌出完整的心形。寶石拼圖是雙面的,你可以使用任何一面。
     遊戲盒的另外面是長方形遊戲板,更多挑戰等著你!

    • Show your brain some love with colourful gemstones!
    • Choose a challenge and place the puzzle pieces on the game board as indicated.
    • Fit all the other puzzle pieces on the game board. Puzzle pieces are double-sided and either side can be used.
    • More challenges are available on the rectangle game board on the other side.

    120 challenges to stimulate various cognitive skills:

    Concentration 專注力
    Problem Solving 解難能力
    Logic 邏輯思考

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