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Quadrillion / 無限智力鬥

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

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  • Description 內容

    • 你可將12件不同顏色的拼圖珠全部放進你自己創作的遊戲板上嗎?無數的挑戰,激發你無限的創意及有助發展邏輯思考、視覺及空間感。
    • 先將四塊雙面磁力遊戲板組合成你喜歡的形狀,然後將12件拼圖珠全部放在遊戲板上。須留意不可將拼圖珠放在黑色或白色的位置。
    • 內附一本有60個由淺至深的挑戰及答案的小冊子供參考,助你創作無限的挑戰!

    • Can you fit the 12 puzzle pieces on the game board you just created? The countless challenges help to develop your logical thinking, visual perception and spatial insight.
    • Simply click the 4 double-sided magnetic grids together in any way you like and start fitting the 12 puzzle pieces onto the board. The only rule is you can’t place any puzzle pieces on top of the black or white dots.
    • There is a starter booklet with 60 challenges to get you started.

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