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Dinosaurs – Mystic Islands / 神秘恐龍島

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

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  • Description 內容

    • 你可以動動腦筋幫忙砌出安全的侏羅紀恐龍島嗎?共60個挑戰等著你來揭秘,考考你的視覺及空間感、組織及解難能力及專注力!
    • 依照挑戰咭上不同的小島圖案,將所有的拼圖放在遊戲板上 … 但要緊記不能將三隻友善的恐龍跟兇猛食肉的T-Rex放在同一個島上啊!

    • Use your brain to create a jurassic habitat! There are 60 challenges awaiting for you to unveil and test your visual perception and spatial insight, planning and problem solving skills and concentration!
    • Place all puzzle pieces on the game board so that the shapes of the islands match those shown on the challenge card … but make sure the three friendly dinosaurs are not placed on the same island as the meat-eating T-Rex!

Designed by Onemore limited