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Walls & Warriors / 圍城勇士

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

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  • Description 內容

    • 動腦筋,保衛城堡驅逐敵人!80個不同的戰局,考考你的戰略計劃能力、邏輯思考、解難能力及專注力!
    • 先仔細觀察地型及敵人分佈,然後將四塊城牆擺放到遊戲板上,把紅色的敵人驅逐於城牆外,而藍色的勇士及瞭望台則在城牆內。

    • Brain power is needed to protect your castle and fight off the enemy! There are 80 increasingly difficult battles awaiting for you to tackle and test your planning skills, logical thinking, problem solving skills and concentration!
    • Position the 4 walls so that the red knights are kept outside and the blue knights and high towers remain within the ramparts.

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