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North Pole Expedition /極地探索

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

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    • 極地探索具兩種遊戲模式,同一個挑戰,選擇不同的愛斯基摩人,答案都不一樣!共80個挑戰等著你來探索,訓練你的邏輯思考、解難能力及專注力。
    • 將每一塊拼圖連同你所選擇的愛斯基摩人密鋪平面地放在挑戰卡上。要緊記讓北極熊回到雪地上、魚能在海裡暢泳。

    • This new logic mind-challenging game features two playing modes, play the same challenge twice using the different Eskimos and discover a completely different solution! There are 80 challenges awaiting for you to explore and train up your logical thinking, problem solving abilities and concentration.
    • Fit the puzzle piece with the Eskimo of your choice together with the other puzzle pieces on the challenge card, but make sure that polar bears are on the ice and fish are in the water.

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