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Little Red Riding Hood / 小紅帽

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

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  • Description 內容

    • 根據經典童話故事小紅帽而設計的智力遊戲。透過遊戲發展小腦袋的空間感、解難能力、邏輯思考力及專注力。
    • 小朋友要利用色彩繽紛的拼圖件幫小紅帽尋找一條可通往嫲嫲家的小徑。
    • 有24個挑戰等著你來幫小紅帽去找嫲嫲家,另外24個挑戰同時還要讓灰狼成功進入嫲嫲家!
    • 另附有一本精美圖畫書,讓家長及小朋友一起享受講故事的時間。。

    • Little Red Riding Hood is a wonderful puzzle game based on the popular fairy tale. Through playing, it can help to develop children’s spatial insight, problem solving skills, logical thinking and concentration.
    • Kids can use the colourful puzzle pieces to create the right path for Little Red Riding Hood to find Grandma’s house.
    • There are 24 challenges awaiting for you to help Little Red Riding Hood find Grandma’s house and another 24 challenges which you need to also connect the wolf to the house.
    • Also included a kid-friendly picture book for parents and children to enjoy their story reading time.

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