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Building & Construction 建築設計 lakeshore


Tow & Go/ 拖車公司

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

  • Weight 重量


  • Retail Price 零售價


  • Description 內容

    Ages 3 and up

    Product Features
    1. 1 long bar 一條磁力棒 (長)
    2. 2 medium bars 兩條磁力棒 (中)
    3. 2 sturdy wheel pairs 兩對輪胎
    1. 1 cabin 一個駕駛艙
    2. 1 trailer 一個拖架
    3. 2 wheel pair 兩對輪胎
    4. 1 lever 一件槓桿
    5. 1 spindle & hook 1件軸心及鉤
    6. 1 cockpits 一個駕駛艙

    With this set you can vary between building a tractor with trailer, a tow truck towing a car, a pick-up truck and a forklift! The wheels, cabins, truck bed and other attachments can be easily clicked onto the bars.


    All parts can be combined with all existing SMARTMAX® sets.
    Together with the bars and metal balls, you can create an endless range of possibilities.


Designed by Onemore limited