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動物世界系列 - 花斑連鰭䲗/World Life - Mandarinfish

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

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  • Description 內容

    Support iPhone, iPad and Android
    - 專屬APP-除了互動遊戲還有動物小學堂,不只玩!還有學!
    - 2+1造型-每組均擁有母子造型,兩者結合還可以做出父親造型
    - 一共三個家族的九組包裝,就可組成海、陸;空所有的動物模型

    - Combination of unique structural cube (1peg 5 holes) and the cutting edge technology.
    - Exclusive APP: Present information about animal through interactive game and fascinating facts.
    - 2+1 models: Each package contains one mother and one son that combine to form a father.
    - The whole range consists of 9 different animals lives in 3 different areas: Air, Land and Sea.

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